PH engine preheater

PH engine preheater

The PH engine preheater for industrial engines is an electrically operated circulation heater. Thanks to the integrated high-performance liquid pump, the liquid coolant circulates through the diesel engine and the innovative preheater, ensuring even and rapid heating. The PH engine preheater is designed for use in a wide range of applications where a large heating capacity is required. It can be used in both stationary and mobile applications.


PH heating element

The special feature of the PH engine preheater is its above-average heating element, through which the cooling liquid is pumped. The innovative heating element is cast into a tubular component made of special aluminium and sealed with a Teflon layer. This means that the heating element has no direct contact with the cooling liquid and is therefore protected against corrosion. Furthermore, negative effects on the cooling liquid are avoided, which together with the large heating surface increases the heating effect. In this way, the PH engine preheater achieves optimum preheating performance with optimum energy efficiency. PH Heizelement Heating element

Due to its compact design and the supplied brackets, the PH engine preheater is easy to install.

Resistant materials, the protective box around the electrical components and the heating element cast in aluminium make the PH engine preheater a durable and low-maintenance engine preheater.

Its design also makes it highly waterproof and ensures that its components are protected against dirt. PH Technische Detail Zeichnung Technical details drawing
1 Circulation pump, 2 Rear casing cover, 3 Side casing cover, 4 Support plate, 5 Transformer, 6 Top casing cover, 7 PH heating element, 8 Front casing cover, 9 Device support, 10 PH heat exchanger

The PH engine preheater is available in 7 performance levels:
TYPEelectrical wattage
PH3400-45004,5 kW
PH3400-60006 kW
PH3400-75007,5 kW
PH3400-90009 kW
PH3400-1200012 kW
PH3400-1500015 kW
PH3400-1800018 kW

The PH engine preheater covers a wide performance range in the upper heating class.

It is therefore recommended for use in the transport industry, in block-type thermal power stations, industrial plants, construction machinery and emergency power generators.

Designed for both stationary and mobile applications, the PH engine preheater integrates into a wide range of installation environments.

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